About Us

More than 8 years incorporated in the music and entertainment sector, Elysium has been highlighted as one of the leading event organizations in Mauritius. Over the years, our mosaic expertise has led to an enriched and versatile experience in producing indoor and outdoor tailor-made events; headlining local and international top-notch artists, reaching a climax of thousands of attendees.

Through our events we have promoted a range of music genres from Mainstream, Techno, EDM, Latin House, Moombaton, R&B, Hip Hop, Zouk, Dancehall, Reggae, Sega to Afrobeat music. We have collaborated with many worldwide iconic artists, such as, Tarrus Riley, Burna Boy, Kalash, Booba, Niska, Gregor Salto, Showtek, Mastiksoul, Teni, Tayc, Joé Dwet Filé and many more……

Our Mission is to create the best clubbing and concert experiences within a unique environment that satisfies the changing tastes and expectations of our customers.

In keeping within our vision, we strive to continuously support artists across the world by sharing and promoting their music.

Let Music Speak...

Our Services

Consultancy for Concert & Clubbing events

We help in creating, developing and managing small/large-scale events such as; festivals, concerts, conferences, ceremonies, and formal parties that are tailor-made to meet the highest standard of your expectations.

Corporate planning & organization

We are a provider that offers a wide range of customised corporate event management and creative services. We deliver quality results for all your meetings, public and corporate events.

Event Marketing

Our company's contacts are an invaluable resource to get you or your organisation's foot in the increasingly busy music industry door. You can rely on Elysium to help you with every aspect of integrated marketing, from event planning to the right media exposure that you need for your events to be successful.